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What You Should Know About Using Antibiotics

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  • Antibiotics cannot cure a viral infection and the side effects could make you feel sicker longer.
  • Using antibiotics when they are not needed can cause antibiotic resistance; this is when antibiotics no longer work on disease-causing organisms.
  • Do not insist on taking antibiotics unless they are needed and be sure to always take them exactly as prescribed by the doctor.

Are you giving your child the right dose?

  • Article at a Glance
  • Two recent studies draw attention to a major public-health problem—medication errors involving children.
  • Every 8 minutes a child is given the wrong drug or given the wrong dose
  • Using teaspoon or tablespoon measurements can double the chance of dosing errors.
  • Before you leave the doctor’s office make sure you understand how, when, and for how long your child should take any medication.


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