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Spanking doesn’t work; here’s what does

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  • Learning more effective and less risky forms of discipline ahead of time can help you avoid spanking.
  • Clearly establishing reasonable expectations and making it fun to be good can help prevent bad behavior.
  • Discipline works best when everybody is calm and thinking clearly: taking some time to calm down can help everybody clear their head.

Christmas trees can wreck havoc for allergy sufferers

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  • Having a live Christmas tree in your house can increase the mold count in your home by 10 times the normal levels.
  • If you experience allergy symptoms after bringing home your Christmas tree, you may want to replace your tree with an artificial one.
  • Before setting up artificial or live trees in the house, take them outside to give them a good spray down with the hose and shake them out.

Study shows that cool kids struggle later

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  • Teens in their early adolescence who are hyper-focused on being cool are more likely to have problems with substance abuse, criminal behavior, and managing social relationships.
  • Parents need to help support age-appropriate activities and not worry if their child isn’t popular.
  • In early adolescence, behaviors that once made teens appear cool and mature to their peers actually stunts their social and emotional growth.

E-cigarette use among Utah teens triples in only two years

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  • E-cigarettes simulate smoking by turning a liquid into vapor that is then inhaled.
  • Although e-cigarettes are marketed as a safe-alternative to smoking, there are no long-term studies on their use and many preliminary studies have shown that they can carry a high level of toxins.
  • A lack of regulation has made e-cigarettes easy for teens to get a hold of, putting them at risk for a dangerous and hard to kick nicotine habit.


Is Your Child Sick?

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