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8 Ways to Tame the Screen Time Beast

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  • Too much screen time can not only decrease the time we spend building relationships with our family, but it can also cause things like anxiety, aggression, and obesity.
  • Setting limits on when, how long, and where screen time is allowed can help you get a handle on things.
  • When breaking a habit, it helps to fill the void with positive things like sports, books and playing.

Talking To Your Child Increases Intelligence and Vocabulary

Article at a Glance

  • Talking directly to your children using long, complex sentences can increase their intelligence and vocabulary.
  • Research shows that the gap in language development between children from lower-income and more affluent families stems from how much they are talked to.
  • Experts hope that educating parents on the importance of speaking often to their children will help.


Is Your Child Sick?

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