Christine Jackson, CPNP

Christine Jackson grew up in Sandy and returned to Utah after obtaining her Pediatric Nurse Practitioner degree in New York. Although she likes to travel and thought of New York as an adventure, she’s thrilled to be back home. Not only does she get to be near family, she also gets to experience Utah’s four seasons and beautiful mountain scenery. When she’s not exploring the outdoors or traveling, she’s probably snuggling with her miniature dachshund.

Christine was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a 2-year-old. Her experiences have given her a deep understanding of what it means to have a chronic medical condition during childhood—an understanding that benefits her practice today. How she interacts with patients and their families has been shaped by her memories of healthcare providers who took the time to listen to her and her parents, creating a plan that worked with her personality and way of life. She believes in truly listening to families when they have concerns and working with them to improve outcomes and set health goals that are attainable.

Influenced by her own experience with an endocrine disorder, Christine enjoys working with other children who have endocrine concerns such as diabetes care, weight management, and PCOS. She also specializes in newborn care and has experience working as an RN on an infant unit. While she loves children of all ages, she especially enjoys working with newborns and toddlers. It brings her joy to see them grow, learn, and experience the little things with a sense of wonder.

Christine speaks English.

  • BS Anthropology, Emphasis in Health, University of Utah
  • BS Nursing, University of Utah
  • MS Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Columbia University

Did you know?

Christine has a special skill that really impresses kids: wiggling her ears and eyebrows. Unfortunately, kids aren’t as impressed by her video gaming skills; Christine agrees that there may be room for improvement.

“I believe that it is important to understand the developmental stage of a child when caring for them. This allows you to appreciate their point of view and understanding of the world. You can engage with them in a way that they value and comprehend.” – Christine Jackson

Christine Jackson, CPNP practices in our Saratoga Springs Office.
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41 East 1140 North, Suite B
Saratoga Springs, UT 84045

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