Utah County's 50 Most Popular Baby Names in 2021

Naming your baby is a big deal. Get this year’s 50 most popular Utah County baby names and know what’s trending up before you decide.
For many new parents, the process of choosing a baby name has more twists, turns, and dramas than wedding planning. And once you settle on the perfect, unique name for baby, everyone has an opinion to share. While there are many things to consider, checking out the most popular baby names is a great first step to help you rule out ideas that might soon be too common.

Top 25 Utah County Baby Girl Names in 2021

1. Olivia
2. Emma
3. Lucy
4. Amelia
5. Hazel
6. Avery
7. Charlotte
8. Emery
9. Claire
10. Harper
11. Nora
12. Oakley
13. Lily

14. Ruby
15. Scarlett
16. Ava
17. Sophie
18. Ellie
19. Evelyn
20. Grace
21. Aria
22. Clara
23. Elizabeth
24. Ivy
25. Mia
smiling baby girl

Top 25 Utah County Baby Boy Names in 2021

1. James
2. Jack
3. Oliver
4. William
5. Hudson
6. Owen
7. Henry
8. Lincoln
9. Miles
10. Thomas
11. Theodore
12. Ezra
13. Noah
14. Brooks
15. Cooper
16. Grayson
17. Samuel
18. Liam
19. Levi
20. Asher
21. Beckham
22. Jackson
23. Maverick
24. Benjamin
25. Mason

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Get the Full List of 50 Most Popular Baby Names in 2021

If you want a baby name that’s unique, but not too unique, reviewing trending baby names is a great way to find it. If you don’t want your child’s name to be accompanied by a letter (Sarah B., Sarah F, Sarah R.) her entire elementary school career, steer clear of Top Ten Baby Names.
But, savvy baby-namers also know that those names in the top ten spots began life on top 50 lists. That’s why it’s a good idea to review the extended baby names lists for your region.

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