after hours pediatric visitSee an Expert, Save Money, Rest Easy

Sudden health concerns rarely seem to happen between nine and five. That’s why we always have a pediatrician on duty 24/7, including holidays and weekends. Before heading to the urgent care, give us a call. Our on-duty pediatrician is here to listen and help determine the best course of action, whether that’s offering home-care advice or having you bring your child into the office.

Calling is free and may save you a trip to the urgent care.

How After Hours Care Works

  • Call your pediatrician’s office number. You’ll be directed to the on-duty pediatric nurse.
  • If the on-duty pediatric nurse thinks your child should come in, he or she will direct you to the offie where a pediatrician is on duty.
  • If your child doesn’t need to come in, we’ll provide guidance on at-home care so you can rest easy.

Office Numbers:
American Fork: (801) 756-5290
Cherry Tree (Orem): (801) 224-4550
Provo North University: (801) 373-8930
Payson: (801) 456-2800
Physician’s Plaza (Provo): (801) 357-7883
Saratoga Springs: (801) 407-6500
Spanish Fork: (801) 794-7947
Timpanogos (Orem): (801) 224-0421

Note: There is an after-hours fee set by your insurance plan. For most plans, this is less expensive than the urgent care fee. Please bring your current insurance information and cards with you.

Should I Call or Wait?

If you’re concerned, don’t hesitate to call. We’re here to answer your questions.
Some non-urgent questions can wait until morning, though. Here are a few resources to help you decide.

  • Symptom Questions: Our “Is Your Child Sick” tool is a wealth of information for determining which symptoms merit seeing a pediatrician.
  • Prescriptions Requests: In the best interest of your child, our policy is to always see children in person before prescribing medications.
  • Administrative Questions: Our regular administrative staff isn’t here evenings or weekends so if your question is about appointments or billing, please call during regular office hours.


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