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Is my child ready for social media?
Is my child ready for social media?
  • For most social media accounts, children should be 13 or older and be mature enough to make good choices online.
  • Commit to being proactive about your child’s use of social media.
  • Talk to your children about what is appropriate on social media and how to stay safe.
My child has no friends. What can I do?
My child has no friends. What can I do?
  • Assess whether your child is shy, introverted, or possibly has learning/attention challenges.
  • Give your child opportunities to make new friends in practical ways.
  • Provide emotional support and teach problem-solving skills.
The Importance of Hand Washing
The Importance of Hand Washing
  • Washing hands is one of the simplest ways to prevent illness.
  • Teaching kids when to wash is as important as teaching them how to wash.
  • Try the glitter game to teach small kids about how germs spread.

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