Whether or not this is your first child, having a baby can be a challenging and exciting time. You’re getting used to new demands, learning a lot, and going through some pretty incredible changes. Is it any wonder you can’t remember when your next pediatrician appointment is scheduled?

Our goal is to help educate you about the new stuff, hold your hand through the hard stuff, and calm your fears about the scary stuff. The following resources can help answer your questions about everything from cradle cap to toenail trimming.

Choosing a Pediatrician

Still looking for the right pediatrician for your baby? We have over three dozen of Utah County’s best pediatricians, pediatric nurses and physician’s assistants.

The UVP Newborn App

Peace of Mind in the Palm of Your Hands

You’ve got your hands full—so we made a resource that requires only one finger. Our UVP app for new parents is a 24/7 resource to answer your questions and quickly put you in touch with your pediatrician.

  • Quick access to our most popular resources.
  • Exclusive newborn health library.
  • One touch to call your doctor.
  • Track immunization and appointments.
  • Reminders tailored to your baby’s age

Get The Printable Guide

Written by Pediatricians, for New Parents

Over thirty pages of short, easy-to-scan answers to the questions new parents ask us most often.

  • Infant dosage charts for common medicines
  • Our 24/7 number
  • Safety tips
Get the Guide

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