Whether or not this is your first child, having a baby can be a challenging and exciting time. You are getting used to new demands, learning a lot of new things, and your body is going through some pretty incredible changes. That is why at Utah Valley Pediatrics our goal is to help educate you about the new stuff, hold your hand through the hard stuff, and calm your fears during the scary stuff.

To help answer some of your questions and to give you an idea of what to plan for, we have pulled together the following resources on newborns. Sources include articles from own blog, handouts from our doctors, and other carefully vetted online sources. If you have any other questions, please give your pediatrician a call.

Preparing for Your Baby

The Importance of Finding a Pediatrician

If you are still looking for a pediatrician for your baby, you can call to schedule a time to meet with some of our pediatricians.

Preparing for the Hospital


Before You Bring Your Baby Home

Taking Care of You

Bathing and Grooming



Diapers and Bowel Movements


See our section on breastfeeding >





Doctor Visits

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