Acne Treatment and Control (PDF) (English) (Spanish)

Adolescent Health Evaluation – A health questionnaire to evaluate adolescents.

Better Health and Fitness Through Physical Activity: Guidelines for Teens (PDF) (English) (Spanish)

Breast Self-exam (PDF) (English) (Spanish)

COLLEGE STUDENTS—Health Care for College Students: What Your Pediatrician Wants You to Know (PDF) (English) (Spanish)

For Today’s Teens: A Message From Your Pediatrician (PDF) (English) (Spanish)

Meningococcal Disease—Information for College Students (PDF) (English) (Spanish)

Pelvic Exam: Guidelines for Teens (PDF) (English) (Spanish)

Puberty Information for Boys (PDF) (English) (Spanish)

Puberty Information for Girls (PDF) (English) (Spanish)

Testicular Self-exam (PDF) (English) (Spanish)


Raising Your Teen

ADOLESCENTS—Tips for Parents of Adolescents (PDF) (English) (Spanish)

Next Stop Adulthood: Tips for Parents (PDF)

Talking With Your Teen: Tips for Parents (PDF)

Teen Dating Violence: Tips for Parents (PDF)

DRIVING SAFETY—The Teen Driver: Guidelines for Parents (PDF) (English) (Spanish)



Deciding to Wait (PDF) (English) (Spanish)

Making the Right Choice: Facts for Teens on Preventing Pregnancy: Guidelines for Teens (PDF) (English) (Spanish)

Talking to Your Young Teen About Sex and Sexuality: Guidelines for Parents (PDF) (English) (Spanish)



DEPRESSION/SUICIDE—Surviving: Coping with Adolescent Depression and Suicide: Guidelines for Parents (PDF) (English) (Spanish)

Help Stop Teenage Suicide (PDF)

Teen Suicide and Guns (PDF)


Susbstance Abuse

Alcohol: Your Child and Drugs (PDF) (English) (Spanish)

Cocaine: Your Child and Drugs (PDF) (English) (Spanish)

DRUGS—Testing Your Teen for Illicit Drugs: Information for Parents (PDF) (English) (Spanish)

Inhalant Abuse: Your Child and Drugs: Guidelines for Parents (PDF) (English) (Spanish)

Marijuana: Your Child and Drugs (PDF) (English) (Spanish)

Smoking: Straight Talk for Teens (PDF) (English) (Spanish)

Steroids: Play Safe, Play Fair (PDF) (English) (Spanish)

Substance Abuse Prevention Part I What Every Parent Needs to Know (PDF) (English) (Spanish)

Substance Abuse Prevention Part II Additional Information (PDF) (English) (Spanish)

TOBACCO – The Risks of Tobacco Use: A Message to Parents and Teens (PDF) (English) (Spanish)

TOBACCO- Smokeless Tobacco: Guidelines for Teens (PDF) (English) (Spanish)


Further Resources

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