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Ten Ways to Get Your Kids (and yourself) into Biking
Ten Ways to Get Your Kids (and yourself) into Biking

Article at a Glance

  • Biking is a great fitness activity for all ages, and Utah has a rich cycling community.
  • Family bike riding is not only possible the whole family, but an excellent way to bond and foster a love of fitness.
  • Teach children the rules of the road for safe cycling.
Sun Safety Tips for Children
Sun Safety Tips for Children
  • Children six months and younger should avoid sun exposure to prevent sunburn.
  • Covering up is the best line of defense against exposure to ultraviolet radiation.
  • High intensity activities lasting more than 15 minutes should be reduced when heat and humidity reach critical levels.
10 Safety Rules for Kindergarteners
10 Safety Rules for Kindergarteners
  • It is impossible to be at your child's side at every moment.
  • Instilling in children the means to keep themselves safe is a critical responsibility.
  • You'll rest easier in the knowledge that your child knows what to do when dangerous situations arise.

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