Genital Region


For baby boys who are not circumcised, care of the genital region involves routine bathing. Do not push the foreskin back to clean the penis.

Circumcision is an elective procedure that has some benefits and few risks. If you choose to circumcise your baby, your doctor will discuss the procedure with you as well as how to care for the penis after the circumcision has healed.

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Some redness and swelling of the labia (external female genitals) is normal at birth, as is a whitish colored mucous vaginal discharge. Some newborn girls will have a bloody vaginal discharge within the first week of life, which is caused by withdrawal from the influence of the mother’s female hormones and should resolve within a few days.

Take special care to wipe stool away from the opening of the vagina. If stool accumulates between the labia, clean this area very gently with a cotton ball or something soft using a front to back wiping motion. It is not necessary to remove the white discharge that is found between the labia in the first weeks of life, but be sure to clean off the stool.



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