• B.S. Electrical Engineering, Brigham Young University 1993
  • M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Utah 1999
  • M.D. University of Utah School of Medicine 2001
  • Residency, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics 2001-2003
  • Board Certified in Pediatrics 2004
  • Member of the American Academy of Pediatrics

Ernest A. Bailey, M.D.

Dr. Bailey is a rural Utah native who has chosen to stay in his beloved home state. The mountains and beautiful national parks are what he loves most about living here.

Dr. Bailey’s rural upbringing gives him a high tolerance for boredom, but he usually doesn’t have enough free time for boredom to be a possibility. When he’s not working, he’s attending family reunions, going to church, reading with his kids and watching them play sports, getting exercise by running or hiking, or doing repairs to keep his home in ship-shape.

Growing up in a small community, Dr. Bailey remembers feeling a deep sense of respect for the physicians there. That’s what led him to practice medicine. Helping children get well and live healthy lives is incredibly rewarding to him, and it’s a bonus when patients are excited to see him. Dr. Bailey has three daughters and one son, and his parenting experience has helped him practice medicine with persistence, leading by example and emphasizing the positive when speaking to the parents of the children in his care. He specializes in infectious disease and nutrition and likes to work with children of all ages.

Dr. Bailey speaks English and some French.

Did you know?

Dr. Bailey got up to some questionable hijinks when he was younger. He once tried to hide a penny in his mouth and ended up in the emergency room with it lodged in his throat. The real tragedy? He was 25 at the time.

“Dr. Bailey is an excellent pediatrician. Not only because he seems to remember every single detail about my kids and genuinely cares about them, but he treats with so much respect. He doesn't answer my questions with a simple yes or no, but he gives me facts, research and other tools for me to make an educated decision. The staff is also friendly and super kind. I love everything about UVP." -Polyana M.

Ernest A. Bailey, M.D. practices in our Timpanogos Physicians Office.
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