Joseph Hershkop, M.D.

Born and raised in New York, Dr. Hershkop relocated to Utah because “It’s a great place to raise a family.” He loves the mountain scenery and hiking, and while he works as a doctor, he has the soul of an artist. From handcrafting bath bombs and soaps to learning the harmonica to writing poetry, he’s always trying new things. His wife and two daughters share the same passion of trying out new hobbies, but usually end up being better than him at them.

For Dr. Hershkop, the most rewarding parts of his job are taking care of babies and helping children feel well. He feels that many people underestimate children and their capabilities. When he was a child, his pediatrician would kick him out of the room to talk to his parents at each visit; naturally, each time that happened he thought they were being told he was dying and he would sit quietly freaking out internally in the waiting room. This is why he likes to include children in his discussions, and make them an equal partner in their care plan.  He is committed to treating each child and family the way he would want his children and family treated. He feels that the doctor’s office should be a fun place for children. He will crack jokes but takes everything you say seriously and will listen to, and address all of your and your child’s concerns.

His favorite age to work with is from birth to three years old. He is especially passionate about asthma, ADHD care, and dermatology.

Dr. Hershkop can speak English and some Hebrew.

  • BS Biology and English, Yeshiva University
  • MD Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Did you know?

Dr. Hershkop aspires to write science-fiction and is a huge fan of authors Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett and John Ringo.

"Dr. Hershkop is AMAZING and moving my babies to the Saratoga springs Utah Valley Pediatrics office was the best thing I've ever done!! I was sooo impressed with his service and knowledge and his genuine interest in my kids. If you're looking for an amazing doctor in the area... this is the place!!" -Jana B.

Joseph Hershkop, M.D. practices in our Saratoga Springs Office and also in our Eagle Mountain Pediatricians.
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