We’re all guilty of sneaking veggies into our kids’ foods, but did you know that you can also sneak fitness into your kids’ everyday activities? Need some help getting creative? Here are some ideas.

1. Why walk somewhere when you can hop, skip, run or jump? Think of fun ways to get from one place to another.

2. Place things like hula-hoops, fitness balls or mini-trampolines in front of the TV so that your kids can keep active while watching their favorite shows. Adolescents can earn time watching TV by riding the family’s exercise bike.

3. Actively playing with your children shows them that exercise is fun. Take time to wrestle, run around the backyard, and play hopscotch.

4. Start a family garden. Kids love to watch the plants grow and gardening is wonderful exercise.

5. Make a rule that you have to be up and walking around while on the phone. This will help your teenagers burn three times more calories than just sitting while chatting or texting.

6. During the nicer months, leave the car in the garage and walk your kids to and from school. You’ll save on gas and it will give you lots of time to talk about their day.

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Being Sneaky With Fitness

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