A recent study by the National Toxicology Program (download PDF) has shown that a chemical called BPA (bisphenol A) that is used in many plastic products may interfere with normal neural and behavioral development in fetuses and infants. A spokesman for the FDA (read full article in Reuters) claims that exposure levels from products like baby bottles are not high enough to cause damage to infants but they are reviewing the National Toxicology Programs brief on BPA. If you are concerned and want to limit your family’s exposure to this chemical here are some things you can do.

-Don’t use plastic containers with a seven printed on the bottom. Safer numbers to find here are one, two, and five.

-Don’t microwave baby food in plastic containers.

-Don’t use plastic utensils.

-Use glass, ceramic or enamel plates.

-Read packaging for sippy cups, bottles, and pacifiers to make sure they are BPA free.

-Canned food with inner plastic lining may leech BPA into food or formula.

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