On April 7, 2015, the Utah County Health Department, Board of Health and the Utah Department of Health presented Dr. Douglas Hacking with the 2015 Friend of Public Health Award and the Utah Department of Health’s Astute Clinician Award.

Dr. Hacking was honored for his part in helping to control the recent measles outbreak in Utah. Most doctors haven’t seen a case of measles in decades, but Dr. Hacking was able to identify the first two cases in Utah County before anybody knew about the measles outbreak originating from Disneyland.

According to the Utah County Health Department, “Because of Dr. Hacking’s astute clinical skills and knowledge he was able to alert public health authorities so promptly that that same Saturday afternoon the cases of measles were isolated, interviews with close contacts were begun and those who were susceptible were quarantined.”

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Dr. Hacking honored for helping to control recent measles outbreak

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