An ongoing investigation by the Associated Press (AP) has found cadmium and lead, both known carcinogens, in the enamel used in the designs of many novelty drinking glasses.

In response, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced that they will be launching an investigation of their own. The CPSC declared that drinking classes portraying comic and movie characters are children’s products and are therefore subject to stricter standards.

Although the designs are on the outside of the glass, the toxins can be rubbed off onto your hand or mouth during use. According to the AP report, many of the glasses had enough lead in them that touching them only 20 times could raise a 6-year-old’s blood lead levels to the government maximum. Some classes contained up to 1,000 times the federal limit of lead for children’s products.

A few companies, including Warner Brothers’ and Coca-Cola Co., have already voluntarily recalled their glasses in response to the investigation. Last summer, McDonald’s recalled their line of Shrek-themed glasses after cadmium was found in the painted design on their glasses.

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