Due to health care reform, as of September 23, 2010, you may not owe a co-pay for preventative care services (well-checks). If you receive immunizations, give a lab sample, or are provided any other service, your insurance company may still require you to pay your co-pay. Also, grandfathered plans (insurance plans in effect prior to March 23, 2010) may continue to charge co-pays. Additionally, benefit limitations (maximum benefit caps, etc.) may apply.

Your insurance company determines whether or not a co-pay is required based on your plan benefits. To find out if you owe a co-pay, call your insurance company (the phone number on the back of your insurance card).

PLEASE NOTE: You will be charged a co-pay at the front desk unless you have contacted your insurance company and have found that you do not owe one. You must tell us if you do not owe a co-pay. If you do not know, we will charge you a co-pay. Remember to ask your insurance company if a co-pay is due if you receive immunizations, give a lab sample, etc.

For information on this legislation, please see www.healthcare.gov/center/regulations/prevention/regs.html.

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