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• Healthy snacks help keep your energy up during the day and improve your health.

Test your snack savvy by answering the following true or false questions.

Snacking during the day will make me gain weight.
If you are a healthy snacker snacking can actually help you lose weight. Eating smaller portions during the day keeps your metabolism up and helps prevent overeating during meal times.

Snacking is good for kids.
Kids are active and often need to eat every three to four hours to keep up their energy. Snacks can help keep your kids healthy and active.

Snacks are almost always junk food.
Snacks don’t have to come from the snack aisle. Snacks can be anything, including a couple of baby carrots, a slice of deli turkey or some string cheese. Avoid foods that are processed or packaged. In fact, it is probably a good idea to steer clear of the snack aisle when looking for snacks.

I don’t have time to put together a healthy snack.
Healthy snacks can be just as fast and convenient as junk food. A good idea is to keep healthy foods around the house and in your car for emergencies. Things like 100% fruit leather, nuts, cereal, and whole grain crackers are non-perishable and easy to grab when you are on the go.

Snacking makes you happier.
When you go too long between meals your blood sugar can drop, making you cranky. Ward off stress and irritability by planning healthy snacks throughout the day.

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How Much Do You Know About Munching?

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