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• Eating a healthy lunch can help you feel better and more energetic the rest of the day.
• When planning your lunch, look for whole-wheat options, lighten up on the fattening condiments, and avoid fried and processed foods.
• Grab a water instead of soda or juice.

We all know breakfast is important, but let’s not shortchange lunch. Eating a healthy lunch can help you maintain your focus, feel more satisfied, and keep up your energy throughout the afternoon. So before you pick up that hot dog and bag of chips, think about these healthier options.

Go for the wheat.
Instead of white bread or tortillas, pick the healthier wheat option.

Be wise about your condiments.
Use mustard, ketchup or lite dressing instead of fattening mayonnaise, dipping sauces, or dressings. Adding lettuce or tomatoes can be a great way to get your veggies.

Limit the amount of calories you drink.
People get a surprising number of their daily calories from things like sodas and juices. Pick up water or low-fat milk instead.

Watch your sides.
Avoid sides like potato chips and crackers, and go for the small salad, baby carrots, or piece of fruit.

Steer clear of fried and processed.
Simple foods that haven’t been processed or fried are much healthier.

Brown bag it.
Packing your own lunch helps you make healthy decisions about how food is cooked and prepared. Plus it saves you a lot of money.


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