Office Visits And COVID-19 Precautions

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  • It is safe to bring your child to your doctor’s office for well-visits and normal sick visits.
  • Screening protocol are in place in all of our offices to help detect and direct potential COVID-19 cases.
  • With Spring sports beginning to resume, we’re open for physicals and injury concerns.

Making Spring Sports As Safe As Possible!

We’re thrilled Utah is maintaining a lower Coronavirus risk level, but as sports practices resume and parks reopen, it’s doubly important to make sure your child is up on their everyday healthcare.

Sports Physicals: For older kids, practices are back on. This means its time to schedule those sports physicals or annual well-checks.

Immunizations:  The CDC reports that children nationally are only at 50% vaccination levels. Protecting your child from pertussis, measles, and other diseases with scheduled immunizations is more critical than ever.

If you’ve missed a well-child check, or your child is back at practice, now is the perfect time to schedule a visit.

We are open and one of our nine offices is just a phone call away.

We’ll continue to take these precautions to keep every visit safe:
  • Taking temperatures to screen for fevers at the door.
  • Separating sick and well visits into different time blocks or office locations.
  • Social distancing: you won’t sit in a waiting room and we’re asking one parent to bring just the child being seen.
  • Thoroughly sanitizing between appointments and between well/sick blocks and have removed toys and magazines from rooms.
  • Wearing masks and protective eyewear as an extra precaution against spreading viruses.
  • Asking that you and your child also arrive with a mask to help us keep flattening the curve.
We’re honored to continue being your choice for caring for your children. As the risk level continues to change, we’ll keep you updated on how those changes may impact your next visit.

What if I suspect my child is ill with COVID-19?

If you suspect your child has come into contact with Coronavirus, please call us first!

Currently, the risk for serious illness in children from COVID-19 is extremely low and most cases can be treated at home. The majority of people may feel like they have a common cold or have no symptoms at all. If you suspect your child is ill, you can limit the spread Coronavirus in our communities by calling us first to discuss next steps.

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Center of Disease Control: Coronavirus

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