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• Create unforgettable memories by unplugging all your electronic entertainment devices for one weekend.
• The goal is to find simple, inexpensive activities you can all enjoy together.

Are you afraid that your kids are going to have more fond memories of Saturday morning cartoons than they do of spending time with the family? Then unplug your weekend! Turn off the TV, unplug the computer, and set down the video game controller.

Step One:
Tell your kids that the family will be unplugging all electronic entertainment for the next 48 hours. Remember that parenting is all about marketing. Instead of focusing on what your kids will be missing, sell them on all the fun activities they are going to enjoy.

Step Two:
Have every member of the family come up with an activity they would like to do for your unplugged weekend. Activities can be simple and don’t have to cost any money; however, they should include everybody. For example, you can have a lot of fun simply playing a game of soccer in your backyard, riding your bikes to a favorite park or baking cookies.

Need Some Ideas?

Go on a hike: You can liven up the trail by hunting for treasures along the way or having a bug-spotting contest.

Table talk: Fill a jar full of random questions like, “If you could be somebody famous, who would it be?” Then take turns pulling the questions out and answering them at your next meal.

Get crafty: Break out the pencils, crayons, markers, glue, paper, and scissors! It is time to get creative. You can find lots of fun craft ideas online beforehand or come up with your own creations. Making cards or gifts for people in your community who could use a “pick me up” can also help teach your children how to serve others.

Family trivia: Write down questions about members of your extended family on little cards. Take turns picking out a card and answering the question written on it. It is a great way to teach your children about their heritage.

Turn out the lights: Turn off all the electrical lights and use candles instead. There is something magical about candlelight, especially for young children.

Start a family journal: Have your children contribute a favorite memory from the weekend to the journal. After the weekend is over, encourage them to keep contributing to the journal.

At the end of the weekend, take some time to talk about the weekend and what each family member enjoyed most. Find ways to incorporate some of the activities into future weekends. Who knows? Maybe that family hike will become a cherished Saturday tradition.

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Unplug Your Weekend!

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