Dr. Phil Freestone will be retiring from his practice as of September 27th in order to serve his church as President of the Dominican Republic Missionary Training Center. We are excited for Dr. Freestone and the opportunity he has to share his talents with those in that part of the world.

However, we will greatly miss him, his leadership, his special talents as a pediatrician, and his love of pediatrics and those in his care.

We are excited to announce that Jonathen Bartholomew, D.O., will be joining our Cherry Tree Office to replace Dr. Freestone. Dr. Bartholomew is an experienced pediatrician whose background includes practicing at two locations in Utah County, working as a hospitalist, directing vaccine research, and developing a medical home. Dr. Bartholomew specializes in all aspects of pediatric care including newborn and preventative care, adolescent health, anxiety/depression, ADHD, asthma, obesity, infectious disease, and urgent care.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Bartholomew, please call (801) 224-4550.

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Dr. Bartholomew Joins Our Orem Cherry Tree Office to Replace Retiring Dr. Freestone

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