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• Budget cuts have made parent volunteers more important than ever.
• Studies show that when parents are involved, students do better in school.
• Your child’s teacher can help you find an opportunity that matches your particular talents and interests.

volunteer Want to be more involved with your child’s school? Good for you! In today’s schools, parent volunteers are indispensable. Because of budget cuts, schools now have to rely heavily on parents and other volunteers for things like school activities and supplies.

In addition, studies show that when parents are involved students, do better in school. Parental involvement sends a clear message to your child that school is important and worth your time. Parents can also improve the quality of their children’s schools. Parent volunteers help classrooms run more smoothly, make more resources available, and enrich extracurricular activities. Volunteering also helps form an invaluable bond between home and school. This partnership allows you to work together with your school to educate your child, as well as see what his or her experience is like at school. Learning more about recent trends and your child’s peer group can help you communicate better with your child and alert you to any struggles that might be on the horizon.

Whether or not your children are in kindergarten or high school, there is a good chance their school could use your help. Here are some tips on how to get involved:

Find Out Where Help is Needed
The best place to start is at an open house or parent-teacher conference. Your child’s teacher can give you an idea about what opportunities might be available. It’s also helpful to join the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).

Find Something That is Right for You
We all have different skills and interests. By talking to teachers or administrators, you can find out where your particular talents would be most useful. The possibilities are endless and there is something for everybody from the sports nut to the bookworm. You can help in the classroom, organize fundraising activities, help coach a sports team, work in the library, assist with a special interest club, etc.

Find Out What is Involved
Before you volunteer, find out how much time will be required and what will be expected of you. Find out if there will be any financial costs involved or if there are any liability issues you need to be aware of. Don’t bite off more than you can chew and make sure you follow through on your commitments.

Find Ways to Improve Your Volunteer Experience
Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback or ways you can make your time more productive. Remember to listen respectively to other’s opinions and be a good example of how to work well with others.

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