All infants have sucking needs beyond their need to eat. A clean pacifier may help to satisfy this need. A child also needs an abundance of close personal loving contact (rocking, holding, playing, etc.) Be sure that you do not use a pacifier to replace the touching and loving care that your child requires.

Never put a pacifier on a cord around an infant’s neck. Although this makes the pacifier more convenient, it may cause accidental strangulation.


The temperature should be comfortable for you, near 70-72 degrees. Avoid drafts. Ventilate the nursery from a top window or another room.

Car Seats

Automobile accidents are a major cause of death for infants. Utah State Law requires that any child under the age of two years be properly restrained in a federally approved car safety seat while traveling in an automobile.

All car seats manufactured in the United States after 1981 meet the safety requirements. When you buy or borrow a car seat, be certain that all of its parts are present and in working order. Install the seat securely in the car according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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