Your infant was born with several normal reflexes that will be lost as the nervous system matures. Because of the GRASP REFLEX, an infant will grasp your finger if it is placed in her palm while she is awake.

The STARTLE, or MORO REFLEX occurs when she hears a sudden loud noise, or feels a sudden touch or pain. During this reflex, her folded arms will quickly reach out in front of her, then return to their usual folded position and she will begin to cry.

SNEEZING is also a reflex that is present life long. It helps clear the nose of any irritation. Infants frequently sneeze even though they do not have a cold. A COUGH, likewise, is a reflex that clears the throat of mucous.


Hiccups will frequently occur in your newborn baby as they did while your baby was still in the womb. They do not indicate that your child is ill. Despite the fact that they have been with us for centuries, no cure for them has yet been found.

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