Kindergarten Countdown: Is Your Child Ready for School?

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  • Kindergarten starts soon and there are three things required for your kindergartener to start school.
  • Getting Immunizations can be a positive experience for everyone.
  • Start the school year off on a healthy foot by getting in to see your pediatrician.

School for Provo School district starts August 15, 2019. To complete registration and be ready to attend, you’ll need three things:

  1. An official copy of your child’s birth certificate.
  2. Proof of your address.
  3. Immunization records showing your child is up to date on the six state-required vaccines.

We aren’t much help with the first two, but we’ll do our very best to make immunizations a positive experience for your little student. Most school districts also ask that your child have a basic health exam and vision screening, which we’d also be happy to perform at the same time.

Start the school year off on a healthy foot. Call today to make your appointment.

Other Helpful Links to Get You Ready:

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