Healthy Trick-or-Treating Ideas
Healthy Trick-or-Treating Ideas

Halloween is nearly here and you can almost feel the sugar rush. Did you know that American’s buy more than 600 million pounds of candy a year for Halloween? In the weeks before Halloween Americans will spend up to $2.4 billion on candy! To actually consume that much candy, every man, woman, and child in … Continue reading “Healthy Trick-or-Treating Ideas”

Banana Ghost Pops
Banana Ghost Pops

Sweet Halloween treats don’t have to be loaded with sugar. This cute little ghost will keep both you and your little goblins happy. Ingredients Banana Vanilla yogurt Chocolate chips Shredded coconut (if you want it more fine, just pulse it in a food processor) Instructions The first step is to freeze your bananas. Peel them … Continue reading “Banana Ghost Pops”

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