Expect a Severe Allergy Season this Year

Experts predict that this is going to be one of the worst allergy seasons we have seen in awhile. A late spring and lots of rain have given plants more time to grow than usual—meaning more pollen over a longer period of time. Utah experiences three pollen seasons: tree, grass, and ragweed. Usually they don’t … Continue reading “Expect a Severe Allergy Season this Year”

Life Before Vaccines

Article at a Glance • Claims of a link between vaccines and autism are not supported by research. Additionally, a recent report shows that much of the data in the original supporting study was falsified. • Vaccines have been so successful that parents often no longer see or understand the seriousness of the diseases they … Continue reading “Life Before Vaccines”

The Sun is Not Your Friend: What You Need to Know About Skin Cancer

Article at a Glance • Utahans have a higher than average rate of skin cancer, including melanoma. • One bad sunburn can double your chances of developing skin cancer. • One in five people will develop skin cancer during their lifetimes. • Whether you get a tan or sunburn, you are increasing the odds that … Continue reading “The Sun is Not Your Friend: What You Need to Know About Skin Cancer”

The Importance of Sports Physicals

Article at a Glance • Children and teenagers should get a sports physical before starting a new sport or beginning a new competitive season, usually once each year. • Sports physicals help identify children who are at risk for injury, illness, or sudden death while playing sports. • The physical involves going over the child’s … Continue reading “The Importance of Sports Physicals”

Could Your Low-Carb Diet Make Your Baby Obese?

Article at a Glance• For pregnant women, low-carb diets can actually increase their baby’s risk of obesity.• A recent study gives us important insights into the factors that are contributing to childhood obesity.• While pregnant, make sure to eat plenty of whole grain breads and brown rice. We have known for years that a pregnant … Continue reading “Could Your Low-Carb Diet Make Your Baby Obese?”

Herbal Supplements: “Natural” is Not Always Safer

Article at a Glance • Herbal supplements and teas are not regulated the same way drugs are and can sometimes contain ingredients that may be harmful to your baby. • Hyland’s Teething Tablets were recently recalled for using inconsistent amounts of belladonna—a substance that can be very harmful in large doses. • There are some … Continue reading “Herbal Supplements: “Natural” is Not Always Safer”

Tooty Fruity Snack a Rooty Salsa

An easy recipe that puts a sweet and healthy spin on chips and salsa. The perfect snack for a hot day! Ingredients: • Bag of frozen mixed fruit • Honey, coconut or grated ginger • Whole wheat pita chips or whole wheat tortillas • Cinnamon Microwave bag of frozen fruit for two minutes at 30% … Continue reading “Tooty Fruity Snack a Rooty Salsa”

New Crib Standards Go Into Effect This Month

Article at a Glance• New federal safety standards ban the manufacture or sale of drop-side cribs; require a higher standard for hardware, mattress supports, and crib slats; and demand more rigorous safety testing.• To find out if your crib meets the new guidelines, check to see if the tags include the code “16 CFR 1219” … Continue reading “New Crib Standards Go Into Effect This Month”

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