A Scientific Look at Helicopter Parenting

Article at a Glance Helicopter parenting is when a parent is overly intrusive and controlling in the lives of their maturing children. Being involved with your child’s life is a very good thing, but being over involved can make it harder for young adults to transition to adulthood. Experts advise that allowing young adults to … Continue reading “A Scientific Look at Helicopter Parenting”

Raising Good Readers Begins at Home
Raising Good Readers Begins at Home

Article at a Glance Begin exposing your children to books when they are babies. Provide a selection of different kinds of books and reading material. Make reading attractive by making it a special activity and showing a good example. According to studies, raising children who love to read has all sorts of benefits. It improves … Continue reading “Raising Good Readers Begins at Home”

Protecting Your Children From Internet Pornography
Protecting Your Children From Internet Pornography

Article at a Glance The Internet and mobile devices have made it so that most children will probably be exposed to pornography at some point. Maintaining an open relationship is the best way to help guide your children through these challenges. You can also protect your children by learning what to look for and practicing … Continue reading “Protecting Your Children From Internet Pornography”

Coconut Tortilla Snowflakes
Coconut Tortilla Snowflakes

These super cute snowflakes make for a great winter treat and kids love to make them. Plus they are a great source of iron, fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. Ingredients 6 wheat tortillas Canola or vegetable oil Coconut Cinnamon Powder sugar, colored sugar or edible glitter (optional) Instructions Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Warm … Continue reading “Coconut Tortilla Snowflakes”

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