10 Safety Rules for Kindergarteners
10 Safety Rules for Kindergarteners
  • It is impossible to be at your child's side at every moment.
  • Instilling in children the means to keep themselves safe is a critical responsibility.
  • You'll rest easier in the knowledge that your child knows what to do when dangerous situations arise.
Your Asthma Action Plan
Your Asthma Action Plan
  • Between ten and fifteen percent of grade school children are affected by asthma.
  • Exercise is a vital component of wellness, even for kids with asthma.
  • Work with your pediatrician to create an asthma flare-up action plan and share it with your child's school administrators.
Beginning the IEP Process
Beginning the IEP Process
  • An IEP differs from a 504 plan and requires progress tracking.
  • In Utah, your pediatrician may be able to help speed the evaluation process with a letter of diagnosis.
  • It's important to learn your rights under your state's laws before your IEP meeting.

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