Failure to Vaccinate Leads to the Most U. S. Measles Cases Reported Since 1996

More measles cases have been reported in the United States since January 1, 2008 than during the same period in any year since 1996, according to a report recently released in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Between January 1 and July 31, 2008, 131 cases were reported to … Continue reading “Failure to Vaccinate Leads to the Most U. S. Measles Cases Reported Since 1996”

Playtime in a Digital Age

Many of the popular new toys for young children involve electronics like TV and computers and claim to help them learn. Videos like Baby Einstein are now a staple in many homes, but are they really helping children learn? According to research, babies don’t comprehend what they see on screen until they are 18 to … Continue reading “Playtime in a Digital Age”

Childhood Obesity
Childhood Obesity

Nearly one third of children nationwide are overweight and many parents are in denial about their child’s weight problem. Parents may think their child will “grow out of it” or that it’s in their genes. However, parents should take the health risks of being overweight seriously. There are even simple things they can do to … Continue reading “Childhood Obesity”

Dr. Nielsen is Moving to our Provo Office!
Dr. Nielsen is Moving to our Provo Office!

Dr. Nielsen is moving from the Cherry Tree office to our Provo office at the end of March. His patients will enjoy his new location because they will find ample parking and be closer to UVRMC in case they need lab work. Dr. Nielsen is excited to work with the doctors at the Provo clinic.

New Electronic Medical Record Will Cause Delays Starting April 14th

Utah Valley Pediatrics will implement a new scheduling and billing computer system April 14th. This will initially cause delays in scheduling, check-in, check-out, and billing as we verify patient information that has been transferred to the new system. When you check in, you may be asked to fill out some paperwork verifying your information. Coming … Continue reading “New Electronic Medical Record Will Cause Delays Starting April 14th”

Changes to Car Seat Laws

Utah’s laws regarding child car seat laws have recently changed. After May 5th, 2008, any child who is under eight years old is required to use a car seat or booster seat. Once children reach age eight or are 4’9,” they are allowed to use a seat belt. Booster seats are relatively easy to use—you … Continue reading “Changes to Car Seat Laws”

Allergy Advice Changed for Infants
Allergy Advice Changed for Infants

New research may change the advice given to mothers regarding infants and food allergies. In August 2000, the AAP stated mothers should avoid certain foods like cow’s milk, eggs, and nuts while breast-feeding. It also released a schedule for introducing these foods into a child’s diet. However, the January 2008 issue of the journal, Pediatrics, … Continue reading “Allergy Advice Changed for Infants”

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