Dr. Bryan Weed Joins Vineyard Office
Dr. Bryan Weed Joins Vineyard Office

We’re pleased to announce that Dr. Bryan Weed, M.D. is joining our Vineyard office! Dr. Weed will begin seeing patients the first week of August. After completing his undergraduate degree in Business Management, Dr. Weed moved to Pennsylvania to study Medicine. While he tried to keep an open mind about a specialty, he noticed that … Continue reading “Dr. Bryan Weed Joins Vineyard Office”

Preventing Dehydration in Children
Preventing Dehydration in Children

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  • Children are at the highest risk for dehydration when they are sick or when it is hot outside.
  • It is easier and healthier to keep your body hydrated than having to play catch up later.
  • If your child is showing signs of dehydration you need to rehydrate your child right away.

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