The Benefits of Being a Parent Volunteer

Article at a Glance • Budget cuts have made parent volunteers more important than ever. • Studies show that when parents are involved, students do better in school. • Your child’s teacher can help you find an opportunity that matches your particular talents and interests. Want to be more involved with your child’s school? Good … Continue reading “The Benefits of Being a Parent Volunteer”

New Office Opened in Saratoga Springs

The physicians of Utah Valley Pediatrics are pleased to announce that a new office in Saratoga Springs opened on October 4, 2010. Brian C. McCune, M.D., joins Utah Valley Pediatrics at the newly established office. Dr. McCune relocated from Cedar City, Utah, after working there for several years and serving as the Pediatric Clinical Program … Continue reading “New Office Opened in Saratoga Springs”

Back to School Safety

Article at a Glance • Be sure to review safety rules with your children whether they are taking the bus, walking, biking, or carpooling to school. • Remind your child that everybody gets nervous the first day of school and talk about how much fun last year was. • Be on hand to assist with … Continue reading “Back to School Safety”

Things You Can Do To Prevent the Flu

Article at a Glance • Make sure you get a flu vaccine every year. • Wash your hands regularly and use a tissue when you cough or sneeze. • If you get sick, try to avoid contact with others. Getting the flu isn’t any fun, but it can also be serious. Each year, 5 to … Continue reading “Things You Can Do To Prevent the Flu”

Don’t Forget the Annual Physical
Don’t Forget the Annual Physical

Article at a Glance • Annual physicals help your pediatrician build a long-term medical history of your child’s development and catch any emerging health problems. • During physicals, pediatricians often address important health issues relevant to your child’s age. • Sport physicals are not the same as an in-depth physical from your regular doctor. Can’t … Continue reading “Don’t Forget the Annual Physical”

Long Live Lunch!
Long Live Lunch!

Article at a Glance • Eating a healthy lunch can help you feel better and more energetic the rest of the day. • When planning your lunch, look for whole-wheat options, lighten up on the fattening condiments, and avoid fried and processed foods. • Grab a water instead of soda or juice. We all know … Continue reading “Long Live Lunch!”

Do Your Family’s Homework Habits Make the Grade?
Do Your Family’s Homework Habits Make the Grade?

Article at a Glance • Children do better in school when their parents take an interest in their homework. • Asking questions about homework, setting aside a consistent study time, and setting a good example are great ways to get involved. Take this true-or-false test to see how you can help your children do better … Continue reading “Do Your Family’s Homework Habits Make the Grade?”

How to Fight Germs When You’re Not There
How to Fight Germs When You’re Not There

Article at a Glance • Contact your school or childcare provider to learn about policies concerning sick children and hygiene. • Ask questions about immunizations, how they prevent the spread of illness, and what they do to promote good hygiene. Childcare, school, sports, parks, toddler classes, and after-school activities place our children in contact with … Continue reading “How to Fight Germs When You’re Not There”

Don’t Cram for That Exam!
Don’t Cram for That Exam!

Article at a Glance • Taking good notes, keeping up on homework, managing time wisely, and learning how to study can help students get rid of a lot of those pre-test jitters. • Managing time wisely gives students a chance to split up studying into more manageable and productive chunks. Nothing can bring on panic … Continue reading “Don’t Cram for That Exam!”

Health Care Reform and Co-pays

Article at a Glance • You may no longer owe a co-pay for well-checks. Contact your insurance company to find out. • You will still be charged a co-pay unless you have talked to your insurance company and found out that you do not owe one. • Any copays that are charged that are later … Continue reading “Health Care Reform and Co-pays”

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