Helping teens treat and prevent acne
Helping teens treat and prevent acne
  • Acne is most common among teens because of their fluctuating hormone levels.
  • Minimize breakouts by avoiding certain products and behaviors, like touching your face.
  • To avoid scarring, don't pick at or pop blemishes.
How much emphasis should I put on grades?
How much emphasis should I put on grades?
  • Grades are not a perfect measure of intelligence or effort.
  • A reward system with frequent, positive reinforcement is more effective than a cash reward at the end of the term.
  • Keep your child’s learning style, special needs, and schedule in mind when you decide how to handle poor grades.
Social Media Bootcamp
Social Media Bootcamp
  • For most social media accounts, children should be 13 or older and be mature enough to make good choices online.
  • Commit to being proactive about your child’s use of social media.
  • Talk to your children about what is appropriate on social media and how to stay safe.

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