Breastmilk and properly mixed formula contain the perfect amount of water for your baby. Additional water is unnecessary and can be dangerous. As your baby advances to taking other foods, small amounts of water can be offered. Discuss this with your pediatrician at well-visits. When using water to mix formula, follow instructions on the can. … Continue reading “Water”


Breastfeeding has many benefits, including providing easily-digested, complete nutrition and immune system benefits for baby. It has benefits for mothers as well. Breastfeeding is not easy at times and it may take a week or more to establish a good milk supply and consistent feedings. Make sure that feedings improve a little each day. Breastfeeding … Continue reading “Breastfeeding”

How to treat constipation
How to treat constipation

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  • Common causes of constipation include changes in diet, changes in schedule, and potty training.
  • If your child has not had a bowel movement in three days or if your child is experiencing pain during bowel movements, you should be concerned about constipation.
  • You can treat mild constipation at home by changes to your child’s diet and helping your child develop a healthy bowel pattern.

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