Your Asthma Action Plan
Your Asthma Action Plan
  • Between ten and fifteen percent of grade school children are affected by asthma.
  • Exercise is a vital component of wellness, even for kids with asthma.
  • Work with your pediatrician to create an asthma flare-up action plan and share it with your child's school administrators.
Are You Using Your Inhaler Correctly?

Although many people use their inhaler on a daily basis, did you know that many of them aren’t using it properly? Inhalers are used to deliver medication directly to the inflammation in the lungs instead of having it travel through the bloodstream. But if you are using the inhaler incorrectly, you aren’t getting the right … Continue reading “Are You Using Your Inhaler Correctly?”

Managing Asthma During Utah’s Winter Inversion
Managing Asthma During Utah’s Winter Inversion

Article at a Glance Inversion is when the cold air, clouds, and pollution get trapped in the valley by a layer of warmer air. As a result air pollutants build up. Those with asthma are particularly vulnerable to the effects of poor air quality and we see an increase in ER visits during inversions. Protect … Continue reading “Managing Asthma During Utah’s Winter Inversion”

Reasons for Parents to Quit Smoking
Reasons for Parents to Quit Smoking

Article at a Glance Smoking has negative affects on your child’s physical and neurological health—increasing the risk of learning disabilities and behavioral disorders. Secondhand smoke is more dangerous than mainstream smoke. Thirdhand smoke, the residual nicotine and other chemicals that are left behind after smoking, can negatively affect your children even if you don’t smoke … Continue reading “Reasons for Parents to Quit Smoking”

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