Hay Fever Symptoms and Treatment
Hay Fever Symptoms and Treatment

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  • Hay fever is caused by common allergens like mold, pollens, pet dander, or dust mites.
  • The symptoms of hay fever are often confused with cold symptoms, but hay fever is an allergic reaction and isn't caused by a virus.
  • Seasonal allergies not only make you feel miserable, but they can also interfere with sleep, worsen asthma symptoms, or cause sinusitis or ear infections.
Seasonal Allergies: Getting Relief is as Easy as ABC
Seasonal Allergies: Getting Relief is as Easy as ABC

Article at a Glance

  • A runny nose, itchy eyes, dark circles under the eyes, and sneezing lasting more than 10 days are all symptoms of a possible allergy.
  • Reduce allergy symptoms by trying to stay indoors, cleaning often, and keeping pollen out of your home.
  • Medications such as antihistamines or nasal spray steroids can help control allergy symptoms.

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