Negotiating an IEP
Negotiating an IEP

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  • Be familiar with and realistic about your child’s strengths and weakness before attending the IEP.
  • Talk beforehand to your child’s teachers about challenges in the classroom and any solutions.
  • Be patient with yourself and your team. It takes time and experience to develop good negotiation skills and relationships with the professionals involved in your child’s education.
Understanding an IEP
Understanding an IEP

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  • Learning the purpose of an IEP, and some of the common terms used, can help parents feel more confident during an IEP meeting.
  • Always review your child’s IEP to make sure nothing was left out from the meeting.
  • Follow up on your child’s IEP during the school year by keeping in touch with your case manager and your child’s teachers.
Beginning the IEP Process
Beginning the IEP Process
  • An IEP differs from a 504 plan and requires progress tracking.
  • In Utah, your pediatrician may be able to help speed the evaluation process with a letter of diagnosis.
  • It's important to learn your rights under your state's laws before your IEP meeting.

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