Surviving Norovirus—or that thing we call “stomach flu”
Surviving Norovirus—or that thing we call “stomach flu”

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  • Vomiting is usually caused by viral gastroenteritis, also known as the stomach flu.
  • Dehydration is the most serious complication from vomiting, so parents should be vigilant about keeping their child hydrated.
  • The stomach flu is highly contagious, so be extra careful about hand washing and disinfecting.
Vomiting and Spitting Up
Vomiting and Spitting Up

Vomiting and spitting up are different. Newborn vomiting consists of a large amount of milk forcefully expelled at one time by mouth and it is frequently due to overfeeding. Spitting up consists of small amounts of milk which the baby regurgitates between feedings. Spitting up is of no concern if your baby is growing well, … Continue reading “Vomiting and Spitting Up”

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