Reduce bedtime struggles with the bedtime pass
Reduce bedtime struggles with the bedtime pass

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  • The bedtime pass is a card that allows your child one free trip out of their room or a visit from a parent after bedtime.
  • Studies have shown that children who received the passes at bedtime cried out less frequently, settled down faster, and had fewer problems with leaving their bedrooms or having meltdowns.
  • Doctors believe that one reason the pass is so successful is that it is acceptable to both parents and children.
Changing our sleep culture
Changing our sleep culture

Article at a Glance

  • Students who don’t get enough sleep don’t perform as well and are more prone to symptoms of depression.
  • Sleep deprivation can impair your driving as much as driving intoxicated.
  • We need to change how we perceive sleep and help make it more of a priority in schools and at home.

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