Resilience Series Part 6: Self-Care
Resilience Series Part 6: Self-Care

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  • Self-care is just as important for children and teens as it is for adults.
  • Encouraging children to be more mindful of their physical and emotional needs helps them recognize how things affect them.
  • Teaching children to practice self-care helps builds resiliency, a skill that can be strengthened through practice.
Why Should I Care About Epigenetics?
Why Should I Care About Epigenetics?

Article at a Glance Epigenetics looks at how genes can be turned on or off by our life experiences. Things like diet, stress, toxins, behavior, and lifestyle can affect how our genes are expressed. Through epigenetic tags, parents’ experiences and lifestyle can affect the genes that are passed down to their children and grandchildren. We … Continue reading “Why Should I Care About Epigenetics?”

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