Empowering Independent Toddlers
Empowering Independent Toddlers
  • The right time to potty train is dependent on physical, developmental, and emotional milestones and cues as well as your family’s current situation.
  • It's important to remember that children are all different and their potty training needs can be different, even from sibling-to-sibling.
  • It's not necessary for your chlid to show every "green light," but if you are seeing signals, it may be time to start considering the process.
Help! I Think My Child Is Addicted to Screens.
Help! I Think My Child Is Addicted to Screens.
  • Screen addiction can manifest in many ways and have adverse effects on children.
  • Setting up healthy boundaries can help in weaning children off their devices.
  • Understanding screen addiction and communicating the potential risks to children can help reduce device usage and empower children to choose other activities.

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